Color Tech is a professional, reliable and highly cosmetic hair color and deep care treatment, formulated to take care of hair color through revolutionary pigments developed by Cotril Research Laboratory, ensuring perfect, faithful and safe results.


Thanks to its specific formula, Color Tech has a regenerating effect on the hair. Activating and regenerating fibers, it gives hair renewed strength and vitality. A powerful depositing color treatment nourishes the hair structure and improves the extended duration of the color.


Color Tech colors consist of carefully selected pigments that will give a rich vibrant color and 100% coverage of gray hair. All Color Tech paints have a mixing ratio of 1:1.5 (eg 50 ml of Color Tech paint with 75 ml of Oxycream developer). Always apply the color to dry, unwashed hair. Leave it on for 30-35 minutes. Up to 45 minutes for the Superblonde tonal series. In most cases, Color Tech color allows the color to be applied along the length to the tips in the last 5 minutes of action. At the end of the hair coloring process, emulsify the color and rinse the hair well until the color is completely removed.