Feel the waves, listen to their energy and let yourself go. The wave provides discipline, just as the surfer's dreamy energy dictates the inspiration for the new SS22 Cotril collection. The new idea of ​​beauty "riding the wave" reveals the longing for freedom that permeates all the protagonists of this collection.

Surfing is freedom. It's a trip to California. It makes us dream at a time when it is difficult to cross borders. Let us be enchanted by warm colors, sunsets and the wind blowing our hair. Let's go back to dreaming thanks to the new SS22 Cotril collection.

Peak Break Section

The moment when the wave releases the most energy. This look is a symbol of energy and strength. Perfect for a woman full of determination. The copper/ash color is that confirmation.

Surfing Dream

A true California surfer look that moves to the rhythm of the wind. Beige tones are mixed with purple tones that give an ultra-cool image.

Twisted Shaper

A look inspired by a "moving" wave. Twist is perfect for young faces, it gives character and personality. Golden/natural purple tones make the skin more radiant.

Medium Short Board

A strong look with decorative and at the same time bright features. The color shines in the sun, mixing with brown and ashy notes.