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Moisturizing cream for shaping, enriched with natural oils and a light firming agent. It instantly gives a natural and neat look to the hair, ensuring a soft and shiny effect. Ideal for improving hair mobility and removing protruding baby hairs. A perfect product that gives a fresh and well-groomed look.

Almond oil: hydrates, nourishes
Linseed oil: hydrates, softens, protects
Avocado oil: hydrates, nourishes
Jojoba oil: softens, nourishes, gives shine
Sunflower oil: moisturizing, antioxidant

Apply a small amount to previously towel-dried hair throughout the length of the hair. Continue shaping with your hands for a more natural and casual style; or use a comb and hair dryer for a more elegant look. Also ideal as a final shaping of details.

Packaging: 150 ml